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Friedrich Wilhelm von Bissing was a German Egyptologist who studied Classical Philology, art history and archaeology at the University of Bonn. He worked under Maspero while visiting Egypt, helping to compile the general records of the Cairo Museum in 1897. He became a professor of Egyptology a the University of Munich in 1906. His production of over 620 works in the span of six decades helped to promote and advocate new advances in the field of Egyptology, and he remained a professor of Egyptology at the University of Utrecht until his retirement in 1926.

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A Theban grave find from the beginning of the New Kingdom , 1900
"Who Was Who in Egyptology," Dawson and Uphill, accessed January 28th 2015
The Mastaba of Gem-ni-kai , 1905
The Re-sanctuary of King Ne-woser acid (Rathures) , 1905
Introduction to the history of Egyptian art from the ancient times to the Romans , 1908
The culture of ancient Egypt , 1913
Monuments of Egyptian sculpture , 1914
The war aims of our enemies (Library of National and World Economy issue 20), Dresden 1916
The importance of oriental art history for the general art history , 1922
Studies on the reliefs from the sanctuary of the Re-Rathures , 1922
Time and origin of vessels found in Cerveteri Egyptian faience and glazed clay , 1941
The floor of the palace of King Amenhotep IV to El Hawata in the Cairo Museum , 1941
The architectural history of the southern temple of booing (at Wadi Halfa) , 1942
Egyptian and Mesopotamian cylinder seals of the III. Millennium BC , 1943
Attempt to determine the basic meaning of the word for God in Ancient Egyptian Nutr , 1951
The altafrikanische origin of the word baboon baboon and its occurrence as God's name in ancient Egyptian texts , 1951
Egyptian wisdom , Library of the Old World series, The Ancient Orient , 1955

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German egyptologist who worked with Maspero. Professor of Egyptology at University of Munich and prolific author.



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