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Helen Winlock Letters

Group photograph of the Metropolitan Museum's Theban Expedition team, early 1920s

Photo: Metropolitan Museum's Theban Expedition team, early 1920s. Left to right, back row: Walter Hauser, Herbert Winlock, Harry Burton, Mrs. Mace; front row: Minnie Burton, Sir. H. Ryder Haggard, Lady Haggard, Mrs Armstrong, Helen Winlock. Source: MMA

The Helen Winlock archive comprises some 100 letters dating between 1912-1914. They are primarily written by Helen Winlock, with occasional interjections by her husband Herbert Winlock, who at the time was the Director of Excavations for the MMA's digs on the West Bank of Luxor. Themes include daily life in Egypt, building and furnishing the Metropolitan House dig house, travel, marriage, excavations, visitors and general gossip.

Institutional credits:

Massachussetts Historical Society

Photograph credits (letters):

Sarah Ketchley

Transcription credits:

2017-2018: Sarah Ketchley, Connor Raftery, Sesha Machiraju, Rachel Rodney

2018-2019: Sarah Ketchley, Connor Raftery, Calvin Scott Paulson, Kanishka Reddy, David Darnall, Steve Thatcher

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