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Upper Egypt

Wednesday Jan. 8th 1913

Dear Mother,

Last night we came over for good. Bag and baggage from the
hotel. We rode our two good trusty steeds, and the rest camels,
all except the dog who rode on his four little footsies. The stud
farm buildings were moved from the banks of the Nile being a tent
and the caravan started. It was black night by the time it arrived
so I couldn’t take a picture, it would have been one allright
too. Daland’s letter just arrived before we left the hotel. Last
Saturday I tried a first ride over here, had lunch and
then back. Sunday I was so stiff that it was impossible to move
however I managed a post card or two which you may have
already received. Daland’s little token hasn’t has (sic) yet arrived doubtless
it will turn up. This place is full of novelty, for instance
there are no locks or handle on any doors and they have to
be kept shut by a block of stone which is never quite heavy
enough to keep out all the draught, so the wind whistles
dismally all night and the dog writhes upon the pillows. None
of the furniture is here except a few chairs and the beds which
came from England but the Jones(?) found a swell cook somewhere

who takes to vinegar flavoring & cochineal coloring in the frosting on
the cake. Hence our stuff is in the greatest mess it’s yet been in
and there seems to be no hope. There isn’t any use unpacking anything
as there is nowhere to put it. But when things are ready I think
we will be pretty well fixed. The house is very attractive & we
have by far the nicest rooms although there is no sun in them whatsoever
but the few here, only the dining room and kitchen, it’s something
to be avoided apparently. Mrs. Bying came over to lunch today &
was amusing, she wears a wig I think, and is very sprightly still
I don’t know as if she does any more than you did in your day.
We brought quantities of native baskets for scrap affairs and then some
marvelous embroidery for sofa cushions, all on the house but they have been
very funny about the furnishings like curtains etc. instead of getting
native stuff that goes with the house much the best, they have had stuff
sent from England that is the worst looking stuff any way. So far
our end we thought we might save up a few pennies and get some
curtains on our own account so there is the story in a nutshell.
I wish you could see the place. When everything is settled I’ll take a lot
of pictures inside and out and send them along. Today is Cook day
and all the tourists are streaming over the hill opposite to the Rest House.
The boy is waiting to take the letters so I’ve got to stop. Good bye with
lots of love Helen. Herbert and I get along very well together there is no need to


2 page letter on Luxor, Upper Egypt headed paper


Helen Winlock


Massachusetts Historical Society



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Helen Winlock, “1913-1-8 Letter by Helen Winlock to her Mother,” The Emma B. Andrews Diary Project, accessed August 22, 2019,


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