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The Emma B. Andrews Diary Project is proud to be a member of Newbook Digital Texts, founded in 2012 by Walter Andrews, Mary Childs and Sarah Ketchley at the University of Washington.  

Our initial goals were to preserve and make freely available lesser known or understudied literary and historical texts from the Near East. Collaborating with UW student interns on this project, it became apparent that there was a pressing need to foster core computing competencies in Humanities students.

Mission Statement

  • To make available humanities texts that may otherwise be lost or remain inaccessible.
  • To develop a new hybrid model of rigorous training in the core skills associated with historical and literary research, coupled with essential competencies in computer literacy.
  • To further the advancement of Digital Humanities as a field in order to foster much needed technical skills in graduate and undergraduate humanities students.

Project Overview

Newbook Digital Texts has grown exponentially from just 4 students and 2 faculty in 2011.

By February 2016 our cumulative totals were:

  • 81 undergraduates
  • 7 graduates
  • 29 departments
  • 4 faculty
  • 5 projects

Winter Quarter 2016 we had 33 students working with us. Our goals for 2016 include establishing new collaborative partnerships at the UW and beyond. The Newbook Project has also created an introductory DH class for both undergraduate and graduate students that is being offered in 2015-2016 thanks to JSIS funding. We hope to continue to offer this, and more advanced DH classes, in the future.

Project Director

Sarah L. Ketchley, Ph. D : Emma B. Andrews Project Director/Newbook Digital Texts Co-Director

Sarah is a Lecturer in Near Eastern Languages and Civilization at the University of Washington. She trained as an Egyptologist, specializing in art history in the first millennium. She has taught courses Egyptian history and archeology at the University of Birmingham, UK, and at the University of Washington. Most recently, she has developed and taught 'An Introduction to Digital Humanities' for undergraduates and graduates at the UW during the 2015-16 school year. Sarah is currently working to digitize the Emma B. Andrews Diaries, inspired by a passion for intrepid women travelers in the 19th century. She's also working on Emma's biography. @sarahketchley 

Technical & Advisory Staff

Walter G. Andrews, Ph.D : EBA Editorial Advisor/Newbook Co-Director

Walter is founder of the Ottoman Text Archive Project, and co-founder of Newbook Digital Texts. Walter is a Research Professor of Near Eastern Languages and Literature; he has translated and published several works on Ottoman and modern Turkish poetry and culture. 

Stacy Waters, PhD, has provided technical assistance to Walter Andrews on the Ottoman Text Archive Project and Svoboda Diary projects. He has taught courses in Digital Arts for the Humanities, and assisted with several projects at CARTAH (Center for Advanced Research Technology in the Arts and Humanities), at the University of Washington. He is a specialist in medieval English texts.

Student Interns

Each year we have been fortunate to have a dedicated group of student interns working with us, helping with tasks including transcribing, editing, conducting historical research and managing technical aspects of the project.


Rebecca Hodgkin, Sesha Machiraju, Vanessa Lin


Rebecca Hodgkin, Janice Garr


Jiafei Li, Chelsea Cooper, Janice Garr, Nitya Sampath, Jennifer Charoni, Karena Vongampai, Christina Seang, Claire Summa, Shirley Chen. IT Support: Brad Holland, Chris Sumption


Allison Skinner, Sarah Johnson, Chelsea Cooper, Georgia Gilbert, Janice Garr, Chris Sumption, Gabby Wilson.


Megan Rowland (Project Manager), Janice Garr, Chelsea Cooper, Allison Skinner, Sarah Faigin, Ema Grey, Tessa Carter, Sarah Johnson, Gabby Wilson.


Megan Rowland, Tessa Carter, Janice Garr, Ariella Fish, Rachel Schlotfeldt.


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