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The Emma B. Andrews Diary Project is proud to be a member of Newbook Digital Texts, founded in 2012 by Walter Andrews, Mary Childs and Sarah Ketchley at the University of Washington.

Our project goals:

  • To preserve and make freely available lesser known or understudied literary and historical texts from the Near East.
  • To develop a new hybrid model of rigorous training in the core skills associated with historical and literary research, coupled with essential competencies in computer literacy.
  • To further the advancement of digital humanities as a field in order to foster much needed technical skills in graduate and undergraduate humanities students.

Project Director

Sarah L. Ketchley, Ph.D : Emma B. Andrews Project Director/Newbook Digital Texts Co-Director

Sarah is an Affiliate Instructor in Near Eastern Languages and Civilization at the University of Washington, an Adjunct Associate Professor at University of Maryland University College, and a Digital Humanities Specialist at Gale. She trained as an Egyptologist, specializing in art history in the first millennium. She has taught courses Egyptian history and archeology at the University of Birmingham, UK, and teaches digital humanities at the University of Washington.


Student Contributors

Each year we have been fortunate to have a dedicated group of student interns working with us, who are valued and equal partners in our research endeavors. The scope of the tasks they have worked on includes transcribing, editing, conducting historical research and managing technical aspects of the project. 


Reader development & tagging management: Emma Fritzberg 

Tagging: Selma El-Badawi, Marshall Bender, Molly Taylor, Marianne Bautista, Hannah Burrows, Izzy Wiebe, Isabelle Schlegel, Thurston Duong, Olivia Hyre, Dhreeti Rathore, Benjamin Lewis

Biographies: Jasmine Jones, Jasmine Choi, Samuel Roller, Iona Hillman, Avneet Dhaliwal, Anton Reicherter, Priya Hariharan, Avery Dahl

Social Media: Priya Hariharan, Gabrielle Wilson

Travelers in Egypt travelogues: Frederick Chan

Thomas Cook & Son Passenger Cards: Yanni Zhou

Web development: Margaret Hsaio, Patrick Liu

Helen Winlock proofreading & editing: Laura Van Arsdel


Marketing/Social Media: Jasmine Jones, Padma Gundapaneni, Bingyan Wang, Xiru Jian, Shannon Chung, Claire Gui, Ye Ram Lee, Amanda Fung. Thanks to Gabrielle Wilson for leading this group.

Helen Winlock transcriptions: Calvin Scott Paulson


Connor Raftery, Aly Brady, Kanishka Reddy, Calvin Scott Paulson, Rebecca Vance, David Darnall, Steve Thatcher

MLIS Capstone: Riko Fluchel (metadata), Erika Bailey (website)

CSE 512 Data Visualization Capstone: Hannah Twigg-Smith, Benjamin Ferleger, Katina Papadakis, Yu-Tang Peng

Historical Markup Tool: Audrey Holmes

Theodore Davis's Will & Database: Rebecca Vance


Rebecca Vance, Sesha Machiraju, Vanessa Lin, Connor Raftery, Aly Brady


Rebecca Vance, Janice Garr


Jiafei Li, Chelsea Cooper, Janice Garr, Nitya Sampath, Jennifer Charoni, Karena Vongampai, Christina Seang, Claire Summa, Shirley Chen. IT Support: Brad Holland, Chris Sumption


Allison Skinner, Sarah Johnson, Chelsea Cooper, Georgia Gilbert, Janice Garr, Chris Sumption, Gabby Wilson.


Megan Rowland (Project Manager), Janice Garr, Chelsea Cooper, Allison Skinner, Sarah Faigin, Ema Grey, Tessa Carter, Sarah Johnson, Gabby Wilson.


Megan Rowland, Tessa Carter, Janice Garr, Ariella Fish, Rachel Schlotfeldt.

Funding & Support

Our projects, faculty and students have received funding awards and stipends from the following organizations for project expenses, training and travel:

The National Endowment for the Humanities

The Simpson Center for the Humanities

Digital Humanities Summer Institute

Compute Canada

The American Philosophical Society

University of Washington Undergraduate Research Program

Mary Gates Research Scholarships

University of Washington McNair Program

Thanks also to individual UW Departments who have given several departmental awards to our interns.

Our ongoing work relies on the generosity of our supporters. If you are interested in making a donation, you can do so here.  Your investment in our work goes a long way! Thank you.