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Biographical Text

Founded Egyptian Research Account, 1894 (became British School of Archaeology in Egypt)
Invented sequence dating
Discovered first texts in Sinaitic script
Founded "Ancient Egypt" journal, 1914

Birth Date




Death Date



Archaeologist, Professor (University College London)


Inductive Metrology, 1877
The Pyramids and Temples of Gizeh, 1883
Tanis. Part I, 1883-4, 1885
Naukratis. Part I, 1884-5, with E. Gardner and others, 1886
Racial Photographs from the Egyptian Monuments, 1887
Tanis. Part II. Nebesheh (Am) and Defenneh (Tahpanhes), with A. S. Murray and others, 1888
A Season in Egypt, 1888
Two Hieroglyphic Papyri from Tanis. Part II. The Geographical Papyrus (An Almanack), with H. Brugsch, 1889
Hawara, Biahmu and Arsinoe, 1889
Historical Scarabs, 1889
Kahun, Gurob and Hawara, with F. Ll. Griffith and others, 1890
Illahun, Kahun and Gurob, 1889-90, with A. H. Sayce and others, 1892
Ten Years Digging in Egypt, 1881- 1891, 1892
Tell el Amarna, with A. H. Sayce and others, 1894
A History of Egypt, 1st ed., 3 vols., 1894-1905
Egyptian Decorative Art, 1895
Egyptian Tales, 2 vols., 1895
Koptos, with D. G. Hogarth, 1896
Nagada and Ballas, 1895, with J. E. Quibell and others, 1896
Six Temples at Thebes, 1896, with W. Spiegelberg, 1897
Deshasheh, 1897, with F. Ll. Griffith, 1898
Religion and Conscience in Ancient Egypt, 1898
Syria and Egypt, from the Tell el Amarna Letters, I898
Dendereh, 1898, 2 pts., with F. Ll. Griffith and others, 1900
The Royal Tombs of the First Dynasty, 1900, pt. i, 1900
The Royal Tombs of the Earliest Dynasties, 1901, pt. ii, with F. Ll. Griffith, 1901
Diospolis Parva. The cemeteries of Abadiyeh and Hu, 1898-9, with A. C. Mace, 1901
Abydos, pt. i, with A. E. Weigall, 1902
Abydos, pt. ii, with F. Ll. Griffith, 1903
Ehnasya, 1904, with C. T. Currelly, 1904
Methods and Aims in Archaeology, 1904
Roman Ehnasya (Herakleopolis Magna) 1904, 1905
Hyksos and Israelite Cities, with J. G. Duncan, 1906
The Religion of Ancient Egypt, 1905
Researches in Sinai, with C. T. Currelly, 1906
Gizeh and Rifeh, with Sir H. Thompson and W. E. Crum, 1907
Athribis, with J. H. Walker and others, 1908
The Arts and Crafts of ancient Egypt, 1909
Memphis I, with J. H. Walker, 1909
The Palace of Apries, (Memphis II), with J. H. Walker, 1909
Personal Religion in Egypt before Christianity, 1909
Qurneh, with J. H. Walker, 1909
Meydum and Memphis III, with E. Mackay and others, 1910
Historical Studies, with E. B. Knobel and others, 1911
Roman Portraits and Memphis IV, 1911
Egypt and Israel, 1911
The Revolutions of Civilization. 1911
The Formation of the Alphabet, 1912
The Labyrinth, Gerzeh and Mazghuneh, with G. A. Wainright and others, 1912
The Hawara Portfolio, 1913
Tarkhan and Memphis V, with G.A. Wainright and others, 1913
Tarkhan II, 1914
Amulets, 1914
Handbook of Egyptian antiquities collected by Flinders Petrie, exhib. at University Coll. Gower St, 1915
Heliopolis, Kafr Ammar and Shurafa, with E. Mackay and others, 1915
Scarabs and Cylinders with names, 1917
Tools and Weapons, 1917
Eastern Exploration. Past and Future, 1918
Some Sources of Human History, 1919
Prehistoric Egypt, 1920
Corpus of Prehistoric Pottery and Palettes, 1921
Lahun II, with G. Brunton and others, 1923
Social Life in Ancient Egypt, 1923
Sedment, 2 vols. 1924
Religious Life in Ancient Egypt, 1924
Ancient Egyptians, Div. I, no. II of Descriptive Sociology, fol., 1925
Buttons and design scarabs, 1925
Tombs of the Courtiers and Oxyrhynkhos, with A. H. Gardiner and others, 1925
Ancient Weights and Measures, 1926
Glass Stamps and Weights, 1926
Objects of daily use, 1927
Qau and Badari. I, 1927
Gerar, 1928
Beth-Pelet I (Tell Fara), with O. Tufnell, 1930
Antaeopolis. The tombs of Qau, 1930
Decorative Patterns of the Ancient World, 1930
Ancient Gaza. Tell El Ajjul, 5 vols. 1931-52
Seventy years in Archaeology, 1931
Measures and Weights, 1934
Shabtis. 1935
Anthedon. Sinai, with J. C. Ellis, 1937
The Funeral Furniture of Egypt, 1937
Egyptian Architecture, 1938
The Making of Egypt, 1939
Wisdom of the Egyptians, 1940
posth. pub., Ceremonial Slate Palettes. Corpus of Proto-Dynastic Pottery, with H. Petrie and M. A. Murray
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Notable Family Members

Hilda Petrie

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Abbreviated Biography

Sir William Matthew Flinders Petrie, FRS, commonly known as Flinders Petrie; an English Egyptologist and a pioneer of systematic methodology in archaeology and preservation of artefacts



“Petrie, Sir William Flinders,” The Emma B. Andrews Diary Project, accessed May 20, 2024,