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George A. Reisner got his PhD in Egyptology from Harvard University, where he subsequently became a Professor of Egyptology in 1914. In 1907 the Egyptian government appointed him as Director of the Nubian Archaeological Survey and became the curator of Egyptian art at the Museum of Fine Arts Boston in 1910. Reisner's greatest discoveries included many tombs in Giza and over 65 Ethiopian kings found in Lower Nubia, where he was the first Egyptologist to systematically excavate Egypt. His most notable discovery is of Queen Hetepheres I (mother of Khufu) in Giza in 1925. George Reisner stayed in Giza until his death in 1942, working on excavations sites around the area and authoring over 80 works.

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American Professor of Egyptology, archaeologist


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Sponsored by Mrs. Hearst, and then excavator of Giza and Lower Nubia.



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