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Painting of riverbank and birds, Minieh 1909

Giovanni Morelli Pic.jpeg
Renowned artistic scholar and the first known owner of the 'Donna Laura Minghetti Leonardo,' he granted it to Donna Laura Minghetti, the wife of a close friend, in his will.

A painting once believed to be a Leonardo DaVinci, that was likely created by one of his students.

Dealer and historian of Italian art who served as the middle-man between Donna Laura Minghetti and Theodore Davis in the acquisition of the 'Donna Laura Minghetti Leonardo.' As an academic, he focused his studies on Leonardo Da Vinci.

Lady Enid Layard
A letter from Lady Layard, a close friend of Donna Laura Minghetti, who along with her husband was another client of Giovanni Morelli. The letter reveals Donna's knowledge of the painting's authenticity.

An art historian and connoisseur who was Giovani Morelli's chief disciple. He attributed the 'Donna Laura Minghetti Leonardo' to Leonardo Da Vinci, believing that Morelli had unofficially done so prior to his death. Decades later, he declared in one…

John Whaling Allen.jpg
The great grandnephew of Mary Buttles, who passed in 1956. Allen smuggled the 'Donna Laura Minghetti Leonardo' out of Italy, as the executer of Buttles' estate. When Bernard Berenson declared in one of his books that the painting was not actually a…

The Acquisition.png
Emma's diary entries which detail the events that lead to the transaction.

A Scenic Escape.png
Emma's diary entries which detail her and Theodore's journey through Switzerland to France.

Italian Tour.png
Emma's diary entries which detail her and Theodore's journey through Florence and Milan immediately following the painting's acquisition.

Glory Tour.png
Emma's diary entries which detail her and Theodore's stay in Paris, where they show off the 'Donna Laura Minghetti Leonardo' at the Louvre.

Glory Under Question.png
Emma's diary entries which detail the end of their voyage and stop in London, where they continue to show off their 'Leonardo.'

Composed of two principal parts. The upper part is in two pieces, each formed of a disc, with a tube fixed to the centre of the under side. The two tubes are striated and fit into each other, maintaining an interval of 31 millimetres between the two…

The ring which passed through the ear is hollow, and measures 0 m .014 in diameter.
It is a torus, of the extreme breadth of 0 m 048, penannular with an opening 5 millimetres in length to admit the lobe of the ear. The periphery is ornamented with…

Penannular, of torus form and elliptical section, the axes being 16 and 10 millimetres. The extreme
diameter is 0 m .025, and the space left for the ear is only 6 millimetres. At the side opposite the opening, a rectangle, 0 m .022 by 0 m '.011…

The hollow rings, 0 m .021 in diameter,
are composed of a torus of triangular section with rounded corners, one of the bases—the largest—forming the outer surface. The central
cavity is only 7 millimetres in diameter.
Plate—Ornaments of Queen…

The mummy must have been provided with a necklace, of which only certain parts remain.

(a) Two bars for fastening, lengths 0 m .059. Each is formed of a gold plaque, of elliptical curve—the axes of which are 8 and 3 millimetres— incompletely…

Amulet 9 m .03 in height, in form of the heart-shaped vase, composed of two pieces of white gold foil stamped out and joined at the edges, with a ring at the top.
Plate - Plaques and Ornaments

Two small shells, or cupels, height 9m .022, breadth 9m .017, concave, without ornamentation, with a ring at top and bottom.
Plate - Plaques and Ornaments

Five figurines of the hippopotamus goddess, which have served as parts of a collar or bracelet. One is 11 millimetres in height, the others 18 millimetres: in all, the goddess is turned to the right: they are stamped on one face only, the back is…

Three small pieces for suspension representing
the head of the goddess Hathor, full face, with the two curved plaits of hair framing the face. One of these is 1-5 millimetres in height,
and has no crown ; on the two others, only 10 millimetres in…

The hieroglyphic sign () summarily carved in
gold foil, only 0 m .018 in height, represents a kneeling man holding two palm branches with curved tops. It is an emblem, and a prayer for millions of years.
Plate—Amulets and Rings.

8 page letter on Luxor Winter Palace, Luxor headed letterpaper.

2 page letter on Luxor, Upper Egypt headed paper

4 page letter on Luxor Winter Palace, Luxor headed paper

Letter from Joseph Lindon Smith to Corinna Putnam Smith, pages 1, 2 and envelope
3 page letter on Service d'Antiquités D'Égypte headed letterpaper.

Letter from Joseph Lindon Smith to Corinna Putnam Smith, Pages 1, 2 and envelope
3 page letter from Dahabeah 'Serapis' on way from Luxor to Assouan

Letter from Joseph Lindon Smith to Corinna Putnam Smith, Pages 1 & 2
3 page letter from SS Serapis at Halfa, preparing for trip into the desert by camel.

RP XXV.1.27_Page_1.jpg
5-page letter on '830 Park Avenue' headed notepaper, plus an envelope

RP XXV.1.5_Page_1.jpg
4-page letter on 'The Reef, Newport' headed notepaper
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