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The ring which passed through the ear is hollow, and measures 0 m .014 in diameter.
It is a torus, of the extreme breadth of 0 m 048, penannular with an opening 5 millimetres in length to admit the lobe of the ear. The periphery is ornamented with a small twist. 2 millimetres in breadth, also in electrum or a mixture of gold and silver. The opening was behind the ear ; on the lower part of the ring six little rings are to bee seen, indicating that originally there were pendants attached,
the length of which we do not know. We can only suggest hypothetically that various beads, in carnelian, lapis, and gold, found during the clearing out of the tomb, may have belonged to them. Some models of flowers, open or closed, probably formed the termination of these pendants ; the first of these, 0 m 016 in height, is composed of a campanulate flower 0 m .014 in diameter, in blue glazed pottery, finely incised on the outside, and mounted on a
three-pointed calyx in electrum ; the second, 0 m .012 in height, consists of a pyriform carnelian bead which represents the undeveloped bud, enclosed in a calyx similar to those of the full-blown flowers.

Rings : Plate—Ornaments of Queen Tauosrit. Flowers: Plate—Pendants and Carnelian Amulets.


G. Daressy


Theodore M. Davis, The Tomb of Siphtah



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G. Daressy, “KV 56 Pair of Ear-Studs, in Electrum and Various Stones,” The Emma B. Andrews Diary Project, accessed November 27, 2021,