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Composed of two principal parts. The upper part is in two pieces, each formed of a disc, with a tube fixed to the centre of the under side. The two tubes are striated and fit into each other, maintaining an interval of 31 millimetres between the two discs. One of the rounded ends, which must have decorated the outside of the ear, is similar to the rosettes on the crown. The flower, which forms a hollow, has eight petals slightly concave with rounded tips ; the diameter is 45 millimetres : four of the petals disposed crossways bear the nomen or prenomen of Setui II. The knob fixed below is 8 millimetres in diameter. The other disc, which was placed behind the lobe of the ear, is, on the contrary, convex ; the diameter is 45 millimetres. The disc is strengthened by a
double border of tubes, 1 millimetre in diameter; that on the outside is plain, the inner one is striated. The centre of the boss is ornamented with a flattish knob, surrounded by three gold threads, the middle one of which is grooved and has the appearance of a milled edge. Between the knob and the edge the two cartouches of Setui II are engraved, somewhat roughly.

The lower part of the pendant is composed of a double plaque in the form of a trapezium, 0m .032 in height, 0m .023 broad at the top,
and 0 m .032 at the lower end. At the top of this are two striated rings through which are passed the transverse tubes attached to the
discs. The top of the plaque is cut away to a depth of 0m .01, and the same in breadth, to allow room for the lower tip of the ear. On
each side the two cartouches of Setui II are engraved, below this plaque a horizontal bar is fixed to support seven pendants, three large
and four small, differing only in size, which is respectively 0 m .073 and 0 m .014. They are in the form of pomegranates : the stem is
a small striated tube ; the fruit— a hollow ribbed ball—has beneath it a tiny wide crown. The larger balls are 0 m .024 wide, the smaller ones 0 m .014. These ornaments, of which the total length is 0 m .135, notwithstanding their weight (the two together weigh 1.55 gr. 15), were undoubtedly hung from the ear, held in position by the two discs, while the plaque and its pendants hung down the side of the
face. We need not marvel at the thickness of the transverse tubes ; the mummy of Ma-her-pra has the lobes of the ears pierced with holes
15 millimetres in diameter, and there are others far larger.
Plate—Ceremonial Wig Ornaments (black and colours).


G. Daressy


Theodore M. Davis, The Tomb of Siphtah



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G. Daressy, “KV56 Pair of Gold Ear-Pendants,” The Emma B. Andrews Diary Project, accessed November 27, 2021,