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Lythgoe, Albert Morton

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Lythgoe, Albert Morton


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Egyptologist and archaeologist,Curator of Egyptian Art, Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1906-29, Curator Emeritus, Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1929-33

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Assisted Reisner on the Hearst Expedition at Naga' ed-Der (1899-1904) before joining the Metropolitan Museum of Art in 1906 where he remained as curator through 1929. He excavated at Lisht (1907), the Kharga Oasis (1908) and Luxor/Thebes (1910).


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Lythgoe worked with Reisner and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. He was a curator from 1906-1929. He persuaded Emma Andrews to allow four copies of her diary to be typewritten.


Lythgoe, Albert<br />



“Lythgoe, Albert Morton,” The Emma B. Andrews Diary Project, accessed March 20, 2019,

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