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Gaston Maspero was a French Egyptologist who taught Egyptian language at the College de France, and in 1880 he went to Egypt as head of an archaeological mission that became the French Institute of Oriental Archaeology. Appointed by the Egyptian government in 1881 as Director General of Antiquities, where he recorded scenes and inscriptions on tombs at Saqqara. In 1881 his work led to the discovery of a royal tomb that held the mummies of Thutmose III, Seti I, Amenhotep I, and Ramses II. After some time in Paris, in 1889 he returned to Egypt where he directed an archaeological survey of Nubia, and cataloged and archived a vast collection of Egyptian artifacts that became the basis for today's Egyptian Museum in Cairo, which he co-founded in 1902.

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Paris, France

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Egyptologist, Professor at the College de France, Director General Excavations of Antiquities appointed by the Egyptian government


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Director General of Antiquities during Theodore Davis's period of excavation in the Valley of the Kings.



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