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Fielding, Everard

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Hon. Sec. of Society for Psychic Research

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Second son Everard Feilding (1867-1936), Hon. Sec. of the Society for Psychical Research;[4
Mr Hereward Carrington was a member of the Special Committee of three of the Society for Psychical Research, consisting of the Hon. Everard Fielding (brother of the Earl of Denbigh and hon. secretary of the Society), Mr W. W. Baggallay, and himself. In 1906, Kuala Lumpur Rubber Co. Ltd (“KLR”) was incorporated in England with Hon. Everard Feilding as Chairman. KLR held five rubber estates in Malaya (now Malaysia) totalling 1,582 acres (640 ha).


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Son of Rudolph Feilding, 8th Earl of Denbigh, Brother of the 9th Earl of Denbigh




“Fielding, Everard,” The Emma B. Andrews Diary Project, accessed April 25, 2019,
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