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25th February 1915
(letterhead) 830 Park Avenue
New York

Dear Mr Rathbone,

Before this letter reaches you I think you will have seen the notice of Mr Davis’ death
in the paper, but I feel you may be interested to hear a few particulars: They went
to Miami Florida in November.
Mr Davis did not gain at all mentally but Terry Boal his nephew said he seemed to

enjoy yachting & motoring, and to be [underline]contented[end underline], well looked after by two nurses and Terry in charge, the climate did not suit Mrs. Andrews & she left & went to Washington which all seems so strange.
Soon he became steadily worse, and a few weeks some physical illness came and he died on
Tuesday, [Theodore] no

more, but Terry telegraphed that they were leaving Miami Tuesday night & hoped to be in
New York Friday. Such a long journey! One cannot help wishing he had died in his beautiful
house he loved so well. He often expressed a wish to die & be at rest and one would
hardly wish his life prolonged everything was so changed

I can only think of him as he was in the old days, so bright clever and amusing and his
love for my dear Joe, was a great bond between us. Daisy is well troubled of course at
the loss of her old friend.
Mr Frank Rathbone, dined with us on Sunday & gave a good account of you all but I am
afraid there is no let up in the atrocities of this dreadful war.
Mrs Rathbone, told me about Elena and Bill, they are

both doing good work for their country.
Excuse such a long letter. I felt you would be interested, having known Mr Davis in the
old days.
Give my love and Daisy’s to Mrs Rathbone, and Believe me,
Yours very sincerely
Mary N. Busk

W. G. Rathbone Esq
39 Cadogan Gardens
London S.W.


5-page letter on '830 Park Avenue' headed notepaper, plus an envelope


Mary N. Busk


Liverpool University Libraries







Mary N. Busk, “1915-02-25 letter from Mary N. Busk to Mr. Rathbone,” The Emma B. Andrews Diary Project, accessed May 22, 2024,