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(from late 1914/early 1915)

(headed paper The Reef, Newport RI) Villa Serena - Miami

Dear Mr Rathbone

I cannot tell you how delighted I was to receive your letter, giving us news of you all. You have all been in our thoughts - and I have intended writing you. But the summer has been an anxious one - Mr. Davis has been quite unable to interest himself in anything when he was outside of a motor. He did some times look at a few pictures

and then turn sadly away, saying “something has gone out of me” - His greatest pleasure was the sunsets - you know I think in memory, the lovely Newport sunsets, and always he would say “I wish I were there” - some weeks before we left house, it became necessary to have a nurse, who is very strict and hardly allows anyone to come near him. I have just seen him marched through the hall to the motor, hanging back to get a look at some
of us. It was a question what to

do for the winter. California was too far away, and we fixed at last upon Miami Florida. A mistake I think for the climate is damp and hot. For instance it was 86 in the shade, when I sat down to write, wh. will really excuse this slovenly letter. The jungle comes
down to the little lawn in front of the house, which faces Biscayne Bay - Everything is very tropical - and when a high wind is not blowing the trees & leaves are motionless. It is rather pretty little place,

belonging to our Secretary of State, Mr. Bryan.
I was so interested in your delightful letter - and the scraps of information it gave us of our friends - what a bitter experience the world is passing through - and how incredible that it should come in the nineteenth century! We have done nothing but
..... for ..! the whole of the household, men servants & women were working, and we are still at it. I have no news to give

The garden has been quite lovely and successful all the summer- and it was such a pleasure to mostly live in it. My two nieces from Florence spent the summer with us, to our great comfort and I hope they will come at once, as they promised, should Italy get
into trouble. Mr Davis did so regret not getting to London in the spring - and says “we

go next year! I think very often of the charming little Beduin sitting on the waters of the Nile - You may know that she was sold to Percy Newberry.
Give my love to your wife and Elena, and say I will write her soon, and may I say my love to you - and let us decide always to keep in touch with you all
Very affec- yrs-
Emma B. Andrews

W.G.Rathbone Esq
39 Cadogan Gardens
London S.W.


4-page letter on 'The Reef, Newport' headed notepaper


Mrs. Emma B. Andrews


Liverpool University Libraries


late 1914/early 1915





Mrs. Emma B. Andrews, “1914/1915 letter from Mrs. Emma B. Andrews to Mr. Rathbone,” The Emma B. Andrews Diary Project, accessed April 21, 2024,