The Emma B. Andrews Diary Project

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Thursday, Dec. 12. Sohag. 41-1/2 miles. Started at 7 - the wind freshened finely at 8 o’clock and we came splendidly on until within a mile of Sohag about 7 o’clock we struck the sand sharply - and were there 3/4 of an hour. Earlier in the afternoon we came near having a serious experience, - just as we approached the landing stage at Tahta which was crowded with gyassas and people, the wind shifted, and at that moment a gyassa, crowded with people, pushed out before our prow. We could give her no room - in spite of the yells and cries of our men she came on - and disaster seemed certain for if we had struck her we would have capsized here (sic - her?)and gone over her. It is impossible to say why this kind of thing occurs so often - it is one of the greatest dangers on the Nile. A delightful day.





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