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Biographical Text

In Volume 3 of her diaries, Emma describes Mr. Chester as a man who had been wintering in Egypt for the past 20 years and knew a great deal about the area. He also accompanied the travel party for some time in 1890 (volume 1), offering advice on the purchase of antiquities and commentary on dealing with customs houses. An Oxford-educated clergyman, Chester retired from the cloth for health reasons in 1865 and began his travels. His frequent visits to Egypt and the Near East and tenacious bargaining skills led him to collect antiquities and papyri which he gave to the Ashmolean and Fitzwilliam Museums, amongst others. He published articles on Coptic Churches in Egypt, as well as rock drawings and epigraphy. His most important work was the Catalogue of the Egyptian Antiquities in the Ashmolean Museum, which Petrie greatly admired.

Birth Date

25th October 1830



Death Date

23rd May 1892


English clergyman, collector, author of archaeological articles


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