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Italian socialite and wife of two-time Prime Minister, Marco Minghetti. She held the painting in her famous Roman Salon for her daughter, Maria. Minghetti allowed the painting to be sold to American millionaire turned excavator turned art collector,…

Giovanni Morelli Pic.jpeg
Renowned artistic scholar and the first known owner of the 'Donna Laura Minghetti Leonardo,' he granted it to Donna Laura Minghetti, the wife of a close friend, in his will.

Dealer and historian of Italian art who served as the middle-man between Donna Laura Minghetti and Theodore Davis in the acquisition of the 'Donna Laura Minghetti Leonardo.' As an academic, he focused his studies on Leonardo Da Vinci.

An art historian and connoisseur who was Giovani Morelli's chief disciple. He attributed the 'Donna Laura Minghetti Leonardo' to Leonardo Da Vinci, believing that Morelli had unofficially done so prior to his death. Decades later, he declared in one…

John Whaling Allen.jpg
The great grandnephew of Mary Buttles, who passed in 1956. Allen smuggled the 'Donna Laura Minghetti Leonardo' out of Italy, as the executer of Buttles' estate. When Bernard Berenson declared in one of his books that the painting was not actually a…
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