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==Course summary==
==Course summary==
;An Introduction to Digital Humanities
: for undergraduates and graduates
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| Copy over the sample Exhibit from the previous Omeka installation: http://omeka.org/codex/Plugins/ExhibitBuilder_3.0
| Copy over the sample Exhibit from the previous Omeka installation: http://omeka.org/codex/Plugins/ExhibitBuilder_3.0
=== Github ===
=== Github ===

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Course summary

An Introduction to Digital Humanities
for undergraduates and graduates
Dr. Sarah L. Ketchley
Condon B017 (Office Hours Thursdays 10am - 12pm)
Chris Sumption clsumpt@uw.edu
IT Assistant
Brad Holland bradholl@uw.edu
Course Syllabus

Student Resources

Markup Languages

W3Schools Introduction to HTML
Video explaining HTML
W3Schools Introduction to CSS
Video explaining CSS
W3Schools Introduction to XML
Video with example of simple XML

Learning Python

Lessons, exercises, and documentation on the Python programming language.
Python 101 by Brad (full document, all sections)
Python.org homepage
Official Python documentation
Learn Python with interactive lessons

DH Tools

New York Public Library crowdsourced menu project & data

written exercise that mirrors video tutorial

NYPL Menu Data
Menu Spreadsheet

Content Management Systems

About Content Management Systems
Omeka Overview
Omeka.org screencasts (Our site uses version 2.0+

This checklist covers every step taken during the implementation of the “An Introduction to Digital Humanities (NEAR E 296 B / 596 B: Special Studies In Near Eastern Languages And Civilization)” course that was offered in the Winter of 2016. There was discussion concerning how this implementation should occur for future quarters. It was decided that instead of copying the previous quarters web site that it would be more advantageous to install an up to date empty Omeka implementation, then transfer the previous quarter’s content by hand. Even though this method is more time consuming, it is believed that this hands on experience can act as a kind of refresher course for using the Omeka interface.

Item Date Completed
Create a new MySQL database
Add the User responsible for making the backups to the new MySQL database.
Install the current version of Omeka: http://omeka.org/codex/Installation.
Create a new Crontab for backing up both the MySQL Database and the new Omeka installation: http://wiki.dreamhost.com/Crontab
Set Permissions for the Crontab to the recommended settings (see previous Crontab installations for the recommended settings)
Create a new Cron Job for the backup (Set frequency to weekly): http://wiki.dreamhost.com/Crontab
Configure Thumbnail Creation by adding the following lines to the appropriate Omeka file: http://omeka.org/codex/Configuring_Thumbnail_Creation

  • fileDerivatives.typeWhitelist[] = "image/jpeg"
  • fileDerivatives.typeWhitelist[] = "image/image/png"
  • fileDerivatives.typeWhitelist[] = "application/pdf"

Install and activate the following Plugins: http://omeka.org/codex/Managing_Plugins_2.0

  • Coins
  • ExhibitBuilder
  • Geolocation
  • Neatline
  • SimplePages

Install all available Themes: http://omeka.org/codex/Managing_Themes_2.0
Modify the site Appearance settings: http://omeka.org/codex/Managing_Appearance_2.0

  • Themes->Set Theme to Thanks, Roy (Default).
  • Themes->Congigure Theme->Make the following Changes:
    • Colors->Site Title = #FFFFFF
    • Header and Footer->Header Background = Upload the image to be used for the current quarter.
    • Homepage->Display Featured Item = Unchecked
    • Homepage->Display Featured Collection = Unchecked
    • Homepage->Display Featured Exhibit = Checked
    • Homepage->Homepage Recent Items = 4
    • Homepage->Homepage Text = Copy and/or update the content from the previous quarters Omeka installation.
  • Navigation->Change “Browse Exhibits” to “Browse Student Exhibits”.
  • Navigation->Uncheck all display links except "Browse Student Exhibits".
  • Navigation->Confirm that "Select a Homepage" is set to "[Default}."
  • Settings->Change "Results Per Page (admin)*" to 100.

Modify the Security Settings: http://omeka.org/codex/Managing_Security_Settings_2.0

  • Security->Enable File Upload Validation.
  • Security->Disable HTML Filtering.

Modify the Element Sets Settings: http://omeka.org/codex/Managing_Element_Sets_2.0

  • Element Sets->Copy the Dublin Core usage examples from the previous Omeka installation and paste them into the "Comment" sections of the appropriate elements.

Copy over the sample Collection from the previous Omeka installation: http://omeka.org/codex/Managing_Collections_2.0
Upload and copy over the sample Items from the previous Omeka installation: http://omeka.org/codex/Managing_Items_2.0
Copy over the sample Exhibit from the previous Omeka installation: http://omeka.org/codex/Plugins/ExhibitBuilder_3.0


Getting started with GitHub
Brad's quick walkthrough and glossary

Data Curation

Web Scraping
Web Scraping with BeautifulSoup
Extended definition of metadata & its uses
Dublin Core
Dublin Core FAQs

Sample Datasets

Establishing a Web Presence

Web Presence 101
Brad's getting-started guide


OpenRefine/Google Refine challenge series