NEAR E 296 B / 596 B: Special Studies In Near Eastern Languages And Civilization

Welcome to 'An Introduction to Digital Humanities', a survey course intended to introduce you to concepts, methodologies and ongoing projects in this relatively new field. No previous knowledge/prerequisites are necessary. We'll be exploring selected textual material through the lens of digital technologies, learning how we can use freely-available open source tools to explore and display content, images and maps.

Recently Added Items

"Americans! Share the Meat"


propaganda poster about the WWII Share the Meat campaign

Food Aid from America


Photograph of British school children receiving bacon and eggs through the US Lend-Lease Act

Team Photo


Photo shows the three team members on white background.

Our Food is Fighting Poster


World War Two Office of War information poster

Ana's Work Logs

Ana's Worklog.pdf

compilation of work logs completed over the duration of the course by Ana Alexandros

Data Visualization


Data Visualization of 1946 menus' locations and prices.

Ana Alexandros


Photograph for bio for Ana Alexandros

Hayley Crew


Photograph for bio for Hayley Crew

Westbound Train Crossing over Sunset Falls


Westward train above Sunset Falls, east of Index WA

Word Cloud


Word Cloud of Emma B. Andrews's Journal, volume one.